Here are a few testimonials from some of the fabulous people I have recently sessioned with. For details on how you can also have an amazing time with me go to my contact and booking page here
From first contact with Mistress Sabrina right up to the session itself she was absolutely lovely, chatty and during a short phone call a few days before the sessions she was so pleasant I may have began to wonder if Mistress was the authoritative Domina I was seeking. Fast forward a week, and I knew I was mistaken. Stood in front of me was the manifestation of feminine superiority, and one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. Mistress Sabrina’s body you might say is a ‘10’, and she was dressed in corset, and suspenders complete with louboutin black leather boots. And her best asset; her face – I was not prepared for how beautiful her face is, as Mistress (understandably) doesn’t post any photos of her face without glasses. This knocked me somehow, and I immediately felt a primordial anticipation; that of the insect walking into the web.
Mistress upon arrival was charming and friendly, offered me water and a chance to catch my breathe (I’d had ran a bit late and literally ran). After a few minutes of pleasant chat and once I confirmed I was ok mistress instructed me to “strip”. Her words taking a different tone, it was not a suggestion. I did so. “Kneel” I did so. She walked closer slow and deliberate. She was turning the crank and I was already under her spell. She wrapped a collar around my neck tight, attached a chain, gave a tug. And in that moment I became hers. It is a blur from there and I don’t remember the order of events. I was slapped hard across the face, spat on, made to crawl led by the chain, strapped down and flogged, and rewarded with being able to worship her boots as this goddess sat judging my efforts.
Mistress Sabrina has a masterful skill and dispenses it with subtlety, breaking you to her will with absolute confidence and control. I left with a skip in my step, and a longing to be back where I belonged; at the feet of Mistress, and under her unquestionable command.
Sub T

Finding Sabrina was part of journey I was on for my personal growth. Never having felt like I fit into the BDSM community, Sabrina made me realise that I did. She was super easy to talk to and very accommodating. I felt comfortable, safe and able to leave all my apprehensions at the door. In one hour, I learnt to let go and learnt a lot about my own kinks and desires. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way to explore aspects of BDSM I had not done so before. I’ve both reached a closure and an opening and am so glad this experience happened.

Miss V


I met with Sabrina for the first time yesterday and my hopes were met and more beside. The pre-session comms were great – it was a pleasure to exchange emails with her to set up the session and it was an equal pleasure to have the opportunity to speak before hand about what the content of the session might look like. Sabrina was lovely to speak to on the phone and quickly understood what I hoped to gain from my time with her.

On the day of the session I duly arrived and was met by a stunningly beautiful woman – the phrase elegant domination does not do Sabrina justice. I was warmly welcomed into a really fabulous dungeon and made to feel very comfortable before the session started.

What then took place between us in the session stays between us, but suffice to say at the end of the session I was mentally and physically spent. Sabrina had captured my body, my mind and my heart. Rarely, have I been touched so deeply by anyone or anything. It took me several hours to come back to some level of normal consciousness from the very heightened state of consciousness to which Sabrina had taken me.

I am truly grateful for the time I had with Sabrina and it is my deepest hope that it will not be long before I can surrender myself to her once more.

James xx 


I had An Afternoon in Heaven with Sabrina and her girlfriend Nikki Wild

Beautiful, curvaceous, vivacious, glamorous, sexy, charming, intelligent, intuitive, insightful, educated, experienced and confident. Sabrina and Nikki have all these attributes in super-abundance but with a remarkable quiet power too.

Paradoxically their beauty, intelligence and femininity almost masks their power and dominance and yet these attributes are also it’s very source. I, of course, wanted to follow their clear instructions but had I not, I would have been unable to resist anyway no question. No raised voices but absolute authority, it was such an extraordinary exchange of power.

My visit was planned at relatively short notice but nevertheless Sabrina kindly obtained all the needed articles of clothing including shoes which necessitated numerous emails.Thanks to her almost infinite patience everything required was available on the day for a complete feminisation session. The climax of which was being blindfolded whilst Sabrina’s Bull was positioned in front of me. The blindfold was removed and the rest is shrouded by a cloak of ecstasy and sensual overload. I cannot wait to repeat the experience and will be back very soon.


I have had many sessions over the years with many mistresses with mixed success. Though I have had many good times, I never really had the full experience what I was after. One thing that sets Mistress Sabrina apart is how stunning she is. Often mistresses will use pictures that are maybe a bit too flattering and a bit too old. But believe this when I say it. I have never seen a woman as stunning as Mistress Sabrina in or out of a session. Her pictures do not reflect her beauty. She is film star, model material.

Now most mistresses who were as good looking as her (there are none) would just rely on her looks knowing they would have more men begging to session with her that she would have time for. But not Mistress Sabrina. She is professional in a way I have never experienced before. But at they same time you just KNOW that she is loving every second of it. No false pretence, no growling or shouting and also just soooooo much fun.

The first session was three hours long, it went so fast I loved every single second and at the end I booked another straight away, I was so pleased she allowed me to serve her and I doubt I will serve another ever again.

Thank you Mistress sabrina for being simply perfect in every way.

Justin M

There is no better Mistress than Queen Sabrina, who really was born to rule over hapless subs. As a latex wearing tranny slut, I’ve been honoured to have served her and her bull, and the haughtiness with which she made me get on my knees and suck cock was thrilling and terrifying to behold. Furthermore, she looks absolutely amazing – especially in rubber and thigh boots – and her unavailability only adds to her huge appeal. But along with being a domme, Sabrina is also a human being – fun and understanding, and the sessions feel natural and not staged. I thoroughly recommend her, both to the novice and the experienced.

Latex Slut

My name is B, let me tell you something about myself I have been into serious strapon for many years seeing Mistress Dometria, then after her sad passing, I had to find another Mistress who could carry on my training.

I found Mistress Sabrina, the first time I met her she put me at ease, I am very fortunate to have found such a stunning Mistress to carry on my training,

Over the time she has been training me her collection of strapons has grown and is still growing.

What happens in the sessions is between us but the sight of her lovely bum using the strapon is a sight to see.

Mistress Sabrina is a stunning Mistress and I am lucky to be able to serve her, if anyone wanted to try strapon I would recommend her, she does have small toys as well.

Strapon Slave B

It was lovely to meet you yesterday and I just wanted to say a quick thank you. You were kind, considerate, great at making me feel at ease, not to mention stunningly attractive. I knew kneeling before you would be an exciting experience, but I had no idea the feeling would be as intense. Kneeling there, with my knees crackling against the carpet fabric, with your aroma swirling around my nostrils, looking up into your eyes, was one of the most exquisitely erotic things I have ever experienced. I’m sure you get told this all the time, but I figured no-one gets bored of being appreciated and told how great they are.
Sub J

A session with Miss Sabrina is a guarantee of a great time, both If you are looking for sexy domination or corporal punishment. First, she is a really professional domme in that she knows what she is doing and works in a safe, consensual manner. Secondly, she offers quite a variety of kinky experiences in her sessions. Her approach to these sessions is very natural, so you really get into your fantasy without any impression of being “enacting” it.

If you think she looks gorgeous, just wait till you see her in person. If you are into worshipping, you will love her firm body. If you are into humiliation, you will adore her verbals. If you are into tease and denial… get ready for one of the best sessions of your life, because she knows exactly how to arouse you with a quick glimpse of her panties. Oh, and she can also make you feel pain, both physically (corporal punishment) and psychologically (sph, humiliation), so you have a lot to choose from.

I have been sessioning with Miss Sabrina for four years now and I plan to do it for as long as I can. Book a session with her. You won’t regret it.


Mistress is Fantastic.  Had the pleasure of serving her as a sissy slut in the Gatwick Dungeon.  Mistress is superbly qualified, kind, polite and understanding, She put me at ease as soon as i met Her.  The Dungeon is very well equipped and Mistress brings some extra toys along to make sure the meetings are fun.

Mistress is so devine and although there were a couple of issues and we could not partake in one particular activity that was disappointing but did not distract from the meeting and left time for concentration on other things, She soon made up for it with turning me into a naughty slut.

Her skills with the Strap on and Dildos as well as Her powerful punishment arms soon make You melt and become more subservient to Her pleasure.  She is an expert with the spankers that is for sure.

Highly recommend a visit to Mistress, especially if you like unusual, deep, thick penetration … The Alien dildo is a MUST for those of you who like that sort of thing.


I had the opportunity to meet Sabrina on a Friday after trading a few emails and having a short phone call with her about what I wanted to try.  She was very welcoming and didn’t make this new experience awkward at any time.  I had explained that I am typically “in control” and wanted to reverse the roles for some time together.
I arrived at the very well appointed dungeon and had the chance to meet and chat with Sabrina before the session began. I was then told to undress, and the fun began.  While I won’t share too many details, the session was an incredible turn-on.  Sabrina is literally knock-out gorgeous, and her body in the black latex (with a whip) drove me crazy.  We had some fun with me restrained in multiple positions as well as experimented with some fun SPH teasing. I was sad when the session ended but definitely will be connected with Sabrina again to try new things.
She makes the session low stress and highly erotic.  You’d be crazy not to meet with her if this is your first time…or if you are more experienced. Go see her!
As a couple we never thought we could have such a session. We did try other mistresses and also other couples, trying to get the ultimate cuckolding experience. Though some offer a forced cuckold experience, it was never with a “proper” bull, often just other subs or sometimes just good looking models. Which all felt so false and a bit sleazy.
We had been recomended to Mistress on a cuckolding kik group by other couples. They all recomended Mistress and her bull. Time and time again. But we live 100’s of miles away, which was such a shame. But every time we searched, they same name came up. People said they are the only people who can guarantee they deliver what you are looking for.
So for a birthday treat. We drove and stayed at a hotel near them. Well we are so lucky to find Mistress. She is stunning. So nice and friendly. The first hour was with her alone and my husband was taken like the girl he is. I watched Mistress humiliate and use him.
Then the bull came in. He was ready to go instantly  as my tied up cuckold watched. He was so hot I practically fainted. What an absolutely gorgeous ****.  This man has the most devilish smile and the most amazing glint in his eyes. Very playful and very dominant. Every man on the planet should watch this man with a lady to learn how to treat her. This all happened while at the same to Mistress taunted and teased and humiliated my cuck hubby.
What could have been another disappointment or even worse felt sleazy just felt so natural and fun. It is a moment we both relive often together and plan it do it every birthday. Thank you both so much 😉
Cuck and Princess Lou

I had never be owned by a mistress before but had been fantasying about it for a long time, I finally could wait any longer and very lucky for me I found the most beautiful, dominant and amazing mistress that anyone could hope for.

I worked up the nerve to contact mistress Sabrina and book a session in which she was very understanding, helpful and punctual. 
Finally the day of our session arrive and understandably I was very nervous but as soon mistress greeted  me at the door she instantly put me at ease, respectfully I handed my tribute to mistress before she instructed me to strip naked and firmly order me on to my knees before blinding me, placing a collar around my neck and forcing me into a cage to await further instruction. As I waited in the cage i could help but shiver with a cross between fear and sexual excitement, it wasn’t long before I heard mistress’s sensual voice tell me that she had noticed how hard my cock looked as I wait for her… knowing just how excited I was.
Soon the cage door was opened and I heard mistress order me out the cage and to my feet, she took of my blindfold and I couldn’t believe how sexy and amazing she look in her thigh high latex boots and tigh corset, I almost unloaded my balls right there.
She allowed a few seconds to admire her before order me to my knees and after grabbing my head she began to force me to lick her through her panties.. soon I felt the collar around my neck being grabbed and as I looked up, mistress rewarded my by spitting in my face and mouth which was amazing.
Up mistress stood and pulled me along on my hands and knees once again to her bench, at this time I was shivering with excitement and knew what was coming. Mistress strapped me to her bench and lubed up my asshole, she walked around very slowly and sensually and that’s when I saw mistress’s strap on and this time she order me to kiss it. Mistress so walked out of sight and that’s when I felt her finger begin to slide in and out of me as I began to moan I heard mistress’s sensual voice instruct me to relax and calm myself in which I tried my best but I had no experience in this type of situation, before I knew it mistress had slide her strap on into my asshole and began to fuck me and although she was very firm and dominant she also knew I had no anal experience and catered to this fact… she really is incredible.
This was and unforgettable experience and if you are considering booking as session with mistress Sabrina I advise you too go for it… you won’t forget it.
Slave C
Hi Sabrina (& Nikki!)
Apologies for the delay in writing, it was three weeks ago that we met (sorry!), spent a day or so seemingly on a different planet.

Thank you both for an exceptional afternoon’s experience, quite literally mind-blowing, and something I hope we can do again.  OK so I only have (had!) the one cherry (yes you really did take it!) and I fully expect you both to be tougher on me in the future – How Nikki & Sabrina are able to talk and ‘threaten so intimidatingly’ in such a soft voice lives in my head still…

Also couldn’t write sooner unless you wanted a publishable testimonial of only one word?! “Wow” – that was about all I could manage when ‘reliving’ the events over in my mind, for a few days at least… but now, hopefully a little more eloquently, may I offer;
“Considerably more beautiful than even their photos present them to be, highly skilled, teasingly addictive, sane, safe and wickedly exciting – my only regret is that I don’t have another cherry to surrender to them… Wow”
Just heading abroad to work again now, but would very much like to see you both again when I return, if that would be ok with you?
In anticipation

You never really know how contacting a Mistress for the first time is going to play out. 

But far from having any hassle from the very first email Mistress Sabrina was like a dream to correspond with. She was quick to reply to my messages and gave detailed answers and recommendations. We were able to quickly move forward with my booking without any messing about.

When I arrived at her dungeon I was genuinely shocked at how beautiful Mistress Sabrina was. You never really know how truthful the images are that people post, but wow….

After offering me a drink and and friendly chat about our session my clothes were no longer considered necessary nor appropriate. 

A collar was quickly affixed my neck and our session began.

It is difficult to accurately describe Mistress Sabrina. What I encountered was a beautiful yet strong, warm yet cold, kind yet harsh Mistress that has a perverted yet sadistic air of authority about her.

The time flew far too quickly during our session!

It was a true pleasure having the opportunity to meet Mistress Sabrina.

I cannot wait to continue my journey with her in the future!


I have had the privilege and unbridled joy of being at the mercy of Mistress Sabrina.  She is a true force of nature, and i love being at her command and bending to her will.  I have also had the pleasure of being disciplined by Mistress Switchblade also, and both dommes work incredibly well in tandem.  I truly can’t wait to be under her boot again…
Slave NC
If you are thinking about serving Mistress Sabrina I would suggest you think no longer and book to see her, you will not regret it. I found her to listen to your desires and limits and then pushes your limits. You may think you know what you desire and how far you can go, Mistress Sabrina know better as you will find out. When I first met Mistress Sabrina I was amazed, the pictures do not do her justice, she is even more stunning and she dressed to impress, I was speechless as I stared at her dress in her thigh length boots waiting for me to kneel before her and serve her. The session was exactly what I needed and not what I asked for, as I said earlier “she knew me better than I knew myself”. I had been locked in chastity for 3 weeks and when I saw her my cock tried to harden and I knew immediately that I would do anything for her to gain release, she pushed me to the limits and beyond. I did things I never thought I would do just because I wanted to please her and make her happy, the power she had over me was exciting, scary and yet so natural. Mistress Sabrina is a natural mistress and I could not help myself when I was in her presence, I was drawn to her and cannot wait till I can kneel before her and obey.
Having contacted Sabrina for a meeting I really couldn’t wait and I wasn’t disappointed! I’d seen her “sabrinasstockings” pictures many times on the www but never realised she sessioned in person.  I contacted her via email more in hope than expectation however she replied almost immediately and we set up a quick phone call and then agreed a meeting. I put in a few requests – I have this panty fetish and was hoping Sabrina would take account of this. On the day I confirmed I was on my way when I caught my train but was nervous throughout the journey but I needn’t have worried. Sabrina was on time and ready for me. She was dressed as the perfect office manager with the blouse, pencil skirt, stockings and perfect black cotton briefs – well I just couldn’t help seeing more than I should and I apologised straight away but Sabrina made me squirm with her probing questions and righteous indignation at my rudeness. Well one thing led to another and before I knew it I was  made to strip and then I was treated to a delightful view. I was made to beg to sniff her panties before she assumed the position. The minutes sped by all too quickly. Then I was fully restrained and hooded with her black panties. When they were removed she had switched into a tiny little pair of white cotton panties and she had me craving her once again.Eventually, I was pleading with her to let me finish on a high note and she smiled straight at me and made me keep looking into her eyes as the session ended. What else can I say – a delicious couple of hours with a delightful elegant lady. She even gave me a memento of the day to remind me of her on the train home. I’d love to see her again!
There are very few mistresses like Sabrina. Don’t be fooled by the combination of sophistication, sensuality and stunning figure, she will quickly bring any man to his knees. Catering for most kinks and fetishes, no two sessions are the same with Mistress Sabrina and you’re always left wanting more. Try one of her double domme sessions too – they are amazing!
Smooth B
I visited Mistress Sabrina in her dungeon not far from Gatwick airport.  I explained the role-play I was interested in and she immediately went into action.  It was very exciting and she knew how to hit all the right “buttons”.  I would recommend her to anyone who enjoys the attention of a lovely dominatrix.
Slave Night
I just wanted to thank you for an amazing session. I had a great time with you and you made it certainly special. I hope the Ferrero Roché chocolates keep going to your boobs and butt, because they looked extra amazing this time.
I feel a special bond to you, so worshipping you always makes me feel very happy. Your body is firm and tight, and you really excel at teasing. Of course, the most memorable moments, what makes me happiest and proudest, is you smiling  knowing you enjoy every minute of it too. It is my actual goal to please you and I usually leave wondering if I could have done better.
I also appreciated your hospitality and your care. Also that you gave me a hand looking for cinemas in the area. Anyway, I had a fantastic day with you and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for your generosity.
I can’t wait for the next chance to see you again.
Slave H
Sabrina is the real deal.  She is both gorgeous to look at and has a body to die for . She is very experienced and makes her clients fully at ease. The facility is discreet and very clean.
I would highly recommend Sabrina across the full range of her services and cannot wait until my next visit 
sissy Alice 
Having visited Sabrina recently the first thing that struck me was how attractive she was (yes I fancied her)!! In the run up to meeting her we exchanged a few emails and a phone call, she was lovely and put me at ease (I was a nervous wreck at first)! Our session together was amazing. I love to be verbally humiliated and she was brilliant at this, she made me feel so stupid and useless (which of course was great)! She locked me up, she slapped me and much more besides (honestly it’s heaven)! She is very approachable and I felt I’d known her for ages and could tell her anything! After leaving the only word I could think of was ‘’wow’’!! Hopefully I will be seeing her again very soon!
Sabrina and her submissive friend did a superb job of creating a very believable school scene. The sub and I both received the punishment that we deserved in an environment reminiscent of the 1950’s. Sabrina knew her way around my mind and pushed my buttons with great insight and skill
Mistress Sabrina has been my very first and only experience with a Domme, and I will never be thankful enough for the great experience I have had with Her. She has been extremely kind, sensitive and available from the start. I am very shy and was quite nervous, but She was able to lead the session perfectly. It has been very intense. Sabrina is a true Mistress, and She does not have to be rude to submit you. You will just surrender to Her, because She is clearly an Alpha Female. If possible, the Mistress is even more beautiful than the pictures displayed on Her website. I am honored I had the chance to serve Her and I will definitely visit Her again. I highly recommend Mistress Sabrina to any genuine slave/submissive who is looking for some wonderful time with a true Goddess
So after the initial emails, Mistress Sabrina phoned to discuss what I was hoping for from the session. This was my 1st ever meet as a Sub, so I explained that I was looking for an intro session from her. 
Arriving at the session, I was greeted by the stunning Mistress. Very pretty, a perfect figure, but equally important Mistress was friendly and welcoming knowing this was my 1st session. Once Mistress knew I was settled and ready she began. The tone changed slightly and she took charge, delivering just what I’d hoped for, and then more. The session was amazing, Mistress dominated and gave me a range of experiences as I’d asked for.  I won’t go into detail, but will say that if anyone is considering a Sub experience Mistress Sabrina is totally recommended. Beautiful to look at, and gauged my needs perfectly. 
Sub C
I had my first session with the beautiful Mistress Sabrina today and it was great! Over the two hour session she skillfully went through the assortment of kinks I had identified as enjoying, including flogging, pegging, and a wonderful extended face-sit breath-play session. All interspersed with her enjoying herself and denying me
Slave Andy
I had great pleasure in having a session with Sabrina.. Sabrina makes one feel comfortable in her presence.
has the ability to perceive what works best during the session and quickly change course to avoid what doesn’t. In reality prettier than seen on website and easy to talk to, highly recommended.
Sub X

From the moment I entered the room with Mistress Sabrina, a beautiful, authoritative and demanding goddess. To moment she entered my ass with her giant strap on I felt completely at ease. You’d be sure to think twice before disobeying her. Mistress Sabrina has a way with words that makes me feel so small and insignificant, I love it.

My first session with Mistress Sabrina was slave training centric, everything from kneeling at her feet, licking her high leather boots, bent over her knee and being spanked all way to being tied to a bench and having a thick dildo take my anal virginity.

I could go on and on about how much I love the sessions In which I share with Sabrina, the overview being ; you are amazing. A truly sensational queen that owns me.

I never thought I’d have the confidence to session with a dominatrix, however I found Sabrina and since then I have been addicted. She is the most caring and trusting Dom I have seen, from setting limits, to pushing boundaries. When In my first session with Mistress she understood my limits and took it slow, without losing any of her dominant presence, I never surpassed a 6” strap on. As we have progressed, I am now unwilling to take anything under an 8” , my favourite happens to be a 11” strap on called the Avatar! Having my hair pulled and being forced to be her fuck whore.

I am excited to continue pushing my boundaries and obeying my Mistress!

Love your devoted slave,


I had never done anything in the world of bondage before, so I was very unsure of what to expect.
It would be fair to so I got more then I bargained for, firstly the dungeon sabrina uses is excellent, far more then I could even know what to do with. Sabrina has an aura that makes following orders seem instinctual, making this kind of play so enjoyable and perfectly excruciating.
Will be returning soon!!
Dear Mistress Sabrina,
Thank you very much for disciplining me yesterday.  The perfect balance of pain and pleasure. So much more than I had ever expected from my first and now only Mistress. It was amazing. I have been floating on air ever since and my feet still haven’t touched the ground. You are stunning and a true Goddess. 
I hope to serve you for as long as you’ll let me.
Respectfully yours
James xx
I wanted a specific large toy but in my experience most mistresses just don’t have all the best toys. Though as you might guess Mistress Sabrina only gets the best toys from the USA bought for her from Mr Hankeys selection. I have been seeing mistresses for many years and know the real toys and know what I want.
Mistress Sabrina (as I am VERY experienced) agreed to use the  BFG (You can guess what it stands for, and its not Gentle. The Dildo is Black 6.5″ at the head, in the middle 8.25″ and at the knot at the end 10.50″ in circumference.and is 12″ in overall lenght and 11″ insert able, overall a large toy.
The day of my meeting with Mistress Sabrina, I presented the BFG still wrapped up and as Mistress unwrapped it you could see  the smile getting bigger and bigger on her face as she rubbed her hands all over the length of the BFG.
We started as normal and Mistress strapped me to the bench and started of using smaller toys , then after a while it was time for the BFG, mistress fitted it into her harness and came round so I could see what I was about to get with it fitted to the harness it looked even bigger, see bent down and whispered in my ear this is all going up your arse No mercy and laughed as you walked round behind me.
The next thing I felt was the head of the BFG going in, No Mercy was right Mistress just kept pushing the BFG further in me, we reached the knot the largest part,Mistress just said this is going in and pushed harder and in it went, Mistress then continued to fuck me with the toy until she had had enough pleasure from this toy I just lay there completely used.
Slave B

I visited Mistress Sabrina on Friday last. Met by here at the door of her chambers.she was warm and generous with her welcome. She gave me a glass of water and allowed me a little time to adjust to these new surroundings. Following the removal of my clothes Mistress Sabrina spotted by very small penis. She spent some time humiliating me at it size and therefore it’s usefulness to her. She repeatedly told me that most women have a larger clitoris than my penis. She decided to punish me for it I was strapped down on her spanking bench. I received one stroke of the cane. I was then released and then treated to a smothering by her breasts which are large and very full. She then placed me on the floor and fitted me with a leg spreader. Not able to get up off the floor she sat across my face.

As someone who has been involved in the seen for a number of years Mistress Sabrina is a very good fit for the true fan. Can’t wait for our next session.


You never really know how contacting a Mistress for the first time is going to play out. 

But far from having any hassle from the very first email Mistress Sabrina was like a dream to correspond with. She was quick to reply to my messages and gave detailed answers and recommendations. We were able to quickly move forward with my booking without any messing about.

When I arrived at her dungeon I was genuinely shocked at how beautiful Mistress Sabrina was. You never really know how truthful the images are that people post, but wow….

After offering me a drink and and friendly chat about our session my clothes were no longer considered necessary nor appropriate. 

A collar was quickly affixed my neck and our session began.

It is difficult to accurately describe Mistress Sabrina. What I encountered was a beautiful yet strong, warm yet cold, kind yet harsh Mistress that has a perverted yet sadistic air of authority about her.

The time flew far too quickly during our session!

It was a true pleasure having the opportunity to meet Mistress Sabrina.

I cannot wait to continue my journey with her in the future!”

As my first time visiting a mistress I didn’t quit know what to expect and was rather nervous.  Sabrina was very welcoming and made me feel completely at ease.  As soon as the session started she sure took full control of me and used me however she pleased. It was amazing and  definitely an unforgettable hour!   Sabrina is unbelievably stunning and has a body to die for!  I could not recommend her enough and will be back for more soon! 
There is something incredible about Mistress Sabrina and her naughty friend Mistress Switchblade. The electricity between them always ignites our sessions and role play soon becomes real play in the most erotic way possible. You can rely on Mistress Sabrina to find the right buttons to press. To twist and turn your inner most desires and to always leave you wanting more. And that’s the thing…hours after…days after,,,weeks after and even months after…the touch and energy of these two will stay with you…you won’t just want them…you will crave their touch
Your returning Slave X
Now you have read how amazing I am. Contact me now to start your journey. If you are still not ready and want to learn more about me. You can read an interview with me here