Sabrinas party

Sabrina was pleased. The party was going well, Her house was full of Her girlfriends, the wine had been flowing and even the weather had held, it wasn’t warm but at least it was sunny. She had gone into the living room to collect a book She had promised to Her friend, Sonia when She heard a noise upstairs. She was intrigued as the Ladies were all outside enjoying the sun and the wine.

As Sabrina walked up the stairs She noticed that the sound was coming from Her own bedroom. Standing outside the door She silently pushed the door open. Standing over Her open underwear draw was a man, although his back was turned his trousers were clearly undone and he was moaning softly to himself.

‘Yes’ said Sabrina in clear tones with a degree of authority. No matter the situation She soon controlled it. This happened here, the man almost jumped, startled. He was scrambling to do up his trousers and in doing so had dropped a pair of panties.

Sabrina moved into the room and almost glided to an armchair. Sitting down She crossed Her legs. She was wearing a short skirt, tan pantyhose and brown knee-high boots. Her roll neck jumper showed Her breasts prominently and proud. She looked really, really hot. And she knew it.

Smiling to Herself She told the man, ‘Pick up My knickers if you don’t mind.’ The man, hurriedly obliged. He looked genuinely scared.

‘So, Paul, you have a thing for ladies underwear do you?’ Sabrina used the man’s name as well She might have for the man was the husband of Her friend Sonia.’

‘Please’, the man was almost whimpering, begging, ‘Please don’t tell Sonia.’

‘Mmm, perhaps and perhaps not. That will be, to some extent, down to you. So, what do we do? Tell me Paul. What do you suggest?’

‘That we forget about it and say no more ever again?’ Paul knew it was hopeless but was sill begging.

‘Oh no, I think we can have some fun with this situation. First I presume that you don’t want me to tell Sonia that I found you ferreting around in my knicker draw.’ The man nodded at the floor.

‘Good. So first things first. Why did you do it?’

The man fell to his knees in front of Sabrina, almost relieved for the chance to explain himself. ‘I… I, You are amazing Sabrina. God my cock gets hard just thinking about you. That’s why.’

‘Your cock gets hard does it? Well, let’s see then.’


‘You said Your cock gets hard so show me this monster then.’


‘I can just shout down to the girls if you prefer.’

‘Oh God, look, you see. The thing is. It is very cold isn’t it.’

‘I’d have said it was quite mild. But enough talking, out with the beast.’

The man reluctantly undid his belt, dropped his trousers and stood with his hands on his hips, nervously.

‘Aaaall the way, Paul.’

The man pulled his pants down.

Sabrina leaned forward to inspect the man’s cock. ‘Ah yes, I thought so. Sonia was too kind. Obviously she told us you were hung like a, what was the word she used, ‘rodent’. But to me it looks like a little sparrow poking out of its nest.’ Sabrina laughed. ‘Or a walnut whip.’ Sabrina looked up at Paul, looking eye to eye as he blushed furiously. ‘Don’t worry Paul. I am not surprised. You see we ladies talk and we know anyway. I wasn’t expecting King Dong, but even so. This. Is. So. Weeeeeenie.’ Sabrina laughed again.

Sabrina picked the limp penis up between thumb and forefinger, let it fall and the did the same thing again.
‘Really, what would a lady do with this? No, seriously Paul. Tell me.’

‘I am good with my tongue.’

‘Ah yes!’ Sabrina rocked back on the chair. ‘That old one. So you lead Her all the way up the hill and then, when bam, She wants to feel a nice bit of meat filling Her up, you fail to go through with the deal.’

‘Well Sonia is OK.’

‘Of course. She has the nice home and She tells you it is OK. But She has to go off and get regular doses of nice big black cock doesn’t she. Well doesn’t She?’

‘Yes Sabrina, She does.’ Paul’s eyes glimmered, ‘But perhaps You…’

Sabrina laughed. ‘You are joking of course. I have certain standards. You think I am hot do you?’

‘Oh God, yes, I do.’

‘Precisely. Only the best will do for me and on the cock front nothing less than 8 inches will do for me. You,’ Sabrina plucked Paul’s dick up again, ‘Are what? 3 inches hard?’

‘3 and a half.’

‘Oh mustn’t forget that all important half. It’s a good job you are uncircumcised as that almost doubles its size. Talking of which, let’s see this three and a half then. Wank it up for me. Go on’

Paul did as he was told and started wanking his cock.

‘Yes, a finger and thumb wank. Thought so, there’s not much to get a purchase on is there. Go on. Good boy. Now stop, hands behind your back and let me see. Yes, Paul, you were right, 3 and a half. What a monster! I am terrified. It’s really skinny too isn’t it. At a push I might go down to 7.5 inches but I never sacrifice girth. If I can get my hand around it, it ain’t going to work for me.’

Anyway, Sabrina stood up as though bored. She brushed past Paul who smelt Her perfume, swaying slightly.
Sabrina went to her draws and looked around. She pulled out a matching pair of panties and bra. The underwear was delicate and sheer.

Sabrina threw the underwear on the floor as she glided past Paul and sat back down in Her chair. ‘OK, Paul, I still haven’t decided what I shall do about this, but as you are such an aficionado of my underwear let’s see how it suits you.’


‘Paul, let’s be clear, You are totally in My power now. One shout and up come the ladies. Anyway, don’t be such a tease. A man with a walnut whip of a dick like you is surely desperate to get in touch with his inner slut. So get the kit on.’

Paul stumbled and fell and toppled as he undressed and then put on Sabrina’s panties and bra. When he was finished he stood up, hands wavering not sure what to cover up. He felt far more exposed than if he was simply naked. Sabrina’s appraising stare didn’t help with his discomfort.

‘Now face the mirror.’ Sabrinas pointed to a full- length mirror. Paul stood in front of it. Sabrina came and stood behind him. She reached round and grabbed his chest, cupping her hands under the bra. She then reached down and cupped Paul’s cock and balls. ‘You hardly ‘fill’ these more than I do, Paul. But something is missing, and I don’t mean dick. I know. Come and sit here.’ She motioned Paul to sit on a stool in front of the dressing mirror.

‘No dick and panties and bra. You see Paul, really you are not a man. You are in fact a little sissy slut. What we need to complete the look is a bit of slap.’

Sabrina took up a make-up bag. ‘Now let’s see, yes, something very slutty indeed.’ Sabrina started to apply the make-up, heavy eye-liner, rouge and lots and lots of lip stick. ‘Need to emphasise the blow job potential of the lips eh Paul. Perhaps you could ask Sonia to act as fluffer for one of Her black bulls.’

Paul looked startled but now he was trapped. Not by the situation but by the dominant sexual power Sabrina had over him.

‘Well the face says one thing, terror while the weenie, oh and dribbly, little cockle says another. Hey,’ Sabrina
lifted Paul’s chin up and looked him directly in the eyes, ‘I think you might be at your full 3 and a half inches.’

Sabrina went to the wardrobe and came back with a dog collar and lead. She tied the collar round Paul’s neck and tugged it, pulling him towards Her armchair. She sat down and he knelt in front of Her.

‘I have more planned for you, Paul… Pauline. But first, a little treat for Sonia’s very little treat.’

Sabrina leaned back and unzipped one of Her boots. Such was the sexual tension in the room that the rasping noise of the zip sounded like a pistol shot. Sabrina zipped up the boot and handed it to Paul.

‘Now Paul, pop your little walnut whip over the top of the panties. There should be just enough dick for that. Good’ Now as a little treat you can dry hump my leg. And just for an extra treat you can inhale my boot as you do so.

Paul clasped the top of Sabrina’s boot to his mouth and nose and started breathing deeply. He then started rubbing his penis against Sabrina’s stockinged calf.

‘Good little slut said Sabrina as She patted his head. Is Pauline happy, nod if so.’

Paul nodded eagerly and started rubbing himself even faster against Sabrina’s leg.

Sabrina laughed, ‘Look at your jerky little movements, and little weenie is rock hard now. Yet still rock hard and fully erect you do not match up to my bulls, or your wife’s, when they are flaccid.’

Paul started grunting now, the sensations from his dick turning him on even more.

‘Mmm grunt little piggy.’ Said Sabrina. She then tugged the lead. ‘Now stop. You can put my boot back on but first wipe up dribbly little dicky.’

This done, Sabrina stood up. Taking up the slack in the lead, She led Paul to the door.

‘Now to meet the girls.’

To be continued…