Mistress in the office. A Tale of Two Office Boys

Alert had spread through the office. The Lady had parked up in the car park returning to the office late in the evening. She had instructed the three of them to stay behind. Isabel and the two office boys, J and P, as Miss Sabrina insisted they be known.

The three of them watched Miss Sabrina walk across the car park. All was elegance and poise, and yet, Her powerful sexuality made every step cause for the two office boys to catch their breath. Miss Sabrina walked up the stairs to the loft space office and greeted Her three minions. She knew they were all there to do Her bidding. This caused a smile to cut across her face. It was the only visible sign of emotion as She had kept her sunglasses on.

Miss Sabrina was dressed today in a dark grey chalk stripe business suit. Her submissives were often surprised to find out how petite She was. Indeed, such was Her command over them that they often recalled Her as far taller than She was. Her jacket was tailored, sharply angling in from the firm, full breasts, pinching in at Her impossibly narrow waist. The pencil skirt gripped her firm, feminine curves, curves which seemed almost impossibly sensual. Miss Sabrina’s femininity was of the assertive, controlling kind. She had no need for shouting or swearing, the sheer sexual physicality of Her presence demanded respect, and submission. She had on an impossibly shiny pair of heeled Louboutins and fishnet stockings. She loved that combination, superficially so vanilla, but messages communicated in every facet of her uniform. Underneath the suit She wore a plain, double-cuffed white shirt and a simple, black, man’s tie. The cufflinks she wore said ‘Beg’ and ‘Bitch’, echoing a command She had quietly given many a time. She was proud of Her sexuality and used it precisely as a tool of command over Her subs and responded to its signals eagerly when She was with Her hung bulls. Both subs and bulls were utterly devoted to Her and to Her pleasure. Just as She liked it.

The Lady moved behind her huge desk and reclined in her deep leather chair. Although the office was modern, Lady Sabrina insisted on this old, leather chair. The creak of the well-polished but old leather was the first sound, apart from the clack of Her killer heels across the wooden floor since She had arrived.

‘Thank you all for staying late tonight,’ Sabrina spoke slowly and deliberately, aware Her audience were hanging on every word. ‘I wanted some fun and who better than My faithful boys and the new girl.’

‘Isabel, come here.’ Isabel moved and stood in front of Miss Sabrina. Sabrina opened her legs. It was a sign of command from Her. Sabrina turned most things on their head. There was no vulnerability in Her action. ‘You can watch for now, but don’t worry, you’ll be taking part soon. Now stand here.’ Miss Sabrina beckoned Isabel to stand slightly behind Her right shoulder.

‘Now, boys, you know the drill.’ This was addressed to Miss Sabrina’s two office boys. They too moved nearer Miss Sabrina but stayed about ten feet away. They both began to strip. When they had finished they stood to attention, hands behind their backs. Miss Sabrina stood up. She moved around them, taking Her time, appraising them. She stood next to J, so close he could feel Her breath on his ear. His cock stiffened. Miss Sabrina laughed. ‘You see Isabel, they are absolutely led by that little bit of meat. Without even touching J, I am making his cock dance.’

Miss Sabrina turned to J. ‘Only we’ve agreed that it isn’t a cock. What is it?’
J muttered under his breath. Miss Sabrina reached over to a nearby desk and slapped J’s semi-engorged member hard with a plastic ruler. ‘Louder, my boy. Let Isabel hear.’

‘It’s my cocklet.’

‘That’s right,’ Miss Sabrina turned to Isabel, ‘Now Isabel, we know the office boys aren’t important in and of themselves. But tell me, what do you think of their man meat.’

Isabel laughed, somewhat nervously.

‘Yes, I know, but move closer, inspect, touch if you want to.’ Isabel did as Miss Sabrina had instructed. Miss Sabrina went and reclined back in the leather sofa against the nearby wall. She sat, arms spread out on the back of the sofa and watched Isabel inspect her office boys.

When Isabel had finished, Miss Sabrina said, ‘And?’

‘Well, J isn’t, er very well endowed, Miss Sabrina.’

‘Well, yes Miss Sabrina. When the women of the office talked together we all suspected, knew really, that he had a small cock. We could just tell.’
‘And what Isabel, do a small cock and an empty wallet have in common?’
‘I am not sure Miss Sabrina.’
‘I don’t fantasise about either of them.’ Isabel laughed at Miss Sabrina’s joke.
‘So much for J, Isabel. And P?’

‘Well,’ said Isabel, brightening, ‘he seems to be packing, er more.’

‘Well, fine as far as it goes, but let’s not beat around the bush here. Come here boys, in front of me. J, get on your knees, take your cocklet and give it a tug.’

J started masturbating, kneeling in front of Miss Sabrina. She ignored him and spoke to Isabel. ‘You see Isabel, when a man, any man starts working for me I need to know everything about him. As it seems the most important thing in the world to them I need to know in particular, whether they measure up. You can stop now, J’

Miss Sabrina leaned forward and took J’s hard penis, She gripped the foreskin between finger and thumb and lifted it up. J blushed scarlet. Miss Sabrina took the ruler she still had in her hand, ‘You see Isabel, no, come and have a closer look. If I stretch his foreskin it just about makes four inches.’

Miss Sabrina looked directly into J’s eyes. ‘Not very impressive is it.’

‘No, Miss Sabrina.’

‘So you see Isabel, J clearly does not measure up, but he has other uses. As he is, looking at his genitalia, barely a man anyway, if he wanted to keep his job he had to perform in other areas. P come here.’

P moved between Miss Sabrina and J. As he walked his own cock swung heavily from side to side.

‘P, on the other hand, now, well Isabel, you will see.’

Miss Sabrina leaned forward and, putting an index finger under J’s chin, lifted his head up so his eyes were gazing into Hers. Now, let’s see my dickless office boy get to work on my other office boy. Are you boys going to put on a show for us ladies?’

J, cheeks burning with shame moved around as Miss Sabrina sat back. He lifted P’s cock and took the tip in his mouth. He started to suck the office boy’s cock.

Isabel smiled despite herself. She looked wolfishly on at one office boy sucking the other’s cock. Miss Sabrina stood next to her and told her to take her blouse and bra off. Isabel, transfixed by the sex show in front of her did so. She felt a stab of pain as Miss Sabrina pinched her left nipple hard, and then did the same with her right. But once the initial shock of pain was over, Isabel allowed herself to embrace the pain. Her pussy was starting to moisten and engorge, at the sight of J sucking P’s cock and the ripples of physical sensation spread from her nipples to her warm most pussy.

Miss Sabrina went to the desk and pulled out a chain with nipple clamps. She affixed one to each of Isabel’s nipples. Miss Sabrina pulled the chain gently. Isabel, endorphins now coursing through her body, just moaned slightly in appreciation, her mouth now hanging slightly open as she started to yield to her pleasure.

Miss Sabrina stepped back, almost to admire her work. One of Her office boys was on his knees fellating Her other office boy while Her new, young assistant was almost panting with the pleasure of what her eyes were telling her and what her body was communicating to her brain.

Miss Sabrina whispered in Isabel’s ear, ‘Take all your clothes off.’ As Isabel did as she was instructed, Miss Sabrina would occasionally tug at the chain attached to her nipples. Isabel now felt the pain as the blood trapped in her nipples heightened her sensitivity.

‘Stop now J,’ Miss Sabrina instructed her office boy who stood up immediately. The two office boys were standing next to each other, both erect.

‘J, J, J,’ said Miss Sabrina in mock admonishment. ‘You’re still rock hard, at least I think so, it’s difficult to see cocklet from here.’ She moved closer. ‘Definitely. My dear boy what a cock sucking little whore you are. Look how turned on you have got from sucking P’s cock.’

‘Now, Isabel, another inspection.’ Isabel moved towards the two cocks. P’s cock, fully hard was enormous. It was fully ten inches long and Isabel found, when she took it in her hand that she was a long way from being able to grip it.

‘Isabel, which one do you want?’ Isabel and Miss Sabrina both laughed, before Isabel pointed to P’s swollen tool.

‘Are you wet enough?

‘Yes, Miss Sabrina.’

‘P, sit down on the sofa. J kneel in front of P.’ Miss Sabrina was now creating her own little tableau.

‘Ok, Isabel, I think it’s time to impale yourself on that impressive bit of meat. Don’t worry about balance, you can brace yourself on the cocklet boy.’

Isabel her back to P lowered herself on to him. The muscles in her firm, slender legs tightened as she squatted down and she found herself leaning on J’s shoulders as P’s thickness started to stretch her. At first, and as with her nipples, she felt a pain. She was sure she had never had a cock this thick before and she felt herself being stretched fully by it. Slowly though her pussy, getting wetter and wetter started to embrace P’s cock rather than resist it. Now though was the deepness. Isabel kept lowering herself, all the time imagining she was up to the hilt, but still there was more. Isabel stopped, aware P wasn’t fully inside her yet, but she now moved up and felt her pussy gripping his cock. Slowly at first, then deeper and quicker, she started riding this enormous cock. There was still a bit of pain but it was lost in waves of pleasure as her body felt fully filled.

Miss Sabrina had taken off Her skirt while watching this. She had put on a strapon cock. Hers was nearly as big as P’s and swung lazily and menacingly as she moved.

‘J, you’re such a little fucking whore, so come over here and suck my cock now.’

J moved quickly and kneeled in front of Miss Sabrina who now guided him on to her own cock.

‘No, eager little bitch, slowly, lick that head first. Oh yes, that’s it. Now look at me. Yes, into my eyes. Oooh you little cock-sucker, watch me as I watch you suck my cock.’

‘Now, let’s see how eager you really are.’

‘Miss Sabrina stood up. ‘Tongue out, bitch.’ She said as she slapped her cock on to her office boy’s tongue, then slapped it across his cheeks.

‘Take it now, deep in your mouth, Mm, those lips with a bit of lipstick and I reckon you’ll be a lovely young woman.’ She now grabbed the back of his head, cupping it in her right hand while thrusting her hips forward. J grabbed Her buttocks and pulled her on to him.’

Miss Sabrina rocked her head back, laughing. ‘Oh, that’s right, you really want me to fuck your face don’t you, slut.’

Miss Sabrina thrust Herself into Her office boy’s mouth before picking him up by his hair. ‘Over the desk, and I want to hear you moan.’

J leaned over the desk and spread his arse cheeks. ‘Oh please fuck me, Miss Sabrina, please!’ J was imploring and Miss Sabrina, pausing to rub some lube on the shaft of Her strapon, pushed herself into J. She started fucking Her office boy, who moaned with abandon.

Facing them were Isabel and P. Isabel was rubbing her clitoris like mad and panting and moaning deliriously. P was thrusting himself into her and Miss Sabrina could see she was reaching climax. She moaned and shuddered and her body almost seemed to convulse as wave upon wave of orgasm rolled through her.

‘P, don’t cum.’ Miss Sabrina was thrusting into Her office boy’s arse and the pounding of the strapon harness against Her own clitoris was bringing Her own orgasm on. She built up the pace of Her fucking, not caring what Her office boy felt. He was just a receptacle for Her own pleasure now.

‘P, come here and wank yourself into J’s face. I want you to wait though and cum only when I tell you.’

Miss Sabrina thrust Herself deep into Her office boy and as she hit the first moments of orgasm, ordered P to cum.

Miss Sabrina as She came, hard and fast, saw Isabel slumped on the sofa, spread out, uncaring as she relaxed with a warm sexual afterglow. She watched as Her well hung office boy shot his load into Her fuck toy office boy. She heard her fuck toy office boy beg Her to not stop fucking him and She gave Herself over to Her body’s sensations. Not a bad day at the office.