cuckolding with hubby

Sabrina was reclining in a leather chair in the conference room. The elegance of this conference room matched Sabrina’s own elegance. Thick carpet, expensive leather chairs from Sweden and a long oval deep mahogany table.

Aside from Sabrina there was one of Her subs, Weenie P. He was naked of course, wearing only a little bell around his small member. The bell tinkled lightly as he moved. As Sabrina had said to him before, it’s not as if his cock was going to make an impression in any other way. She had told him many times that women, least of all alpha women like Her did not like men with small cocks and small wallets.

Sabrina herself was wearing one of Her favourite pair of brown leather boots and flesh toned stockings. Despite being indoors She was also wearing a luxuriant fur coat. She reveled in this coat, feeling its warmth but also enjoying the sexual power it gave Her. Men looked at

Her always but in this combination of boots and coats She had drawn admiring glances from every man She had passed.

Weenie P had finished what he was doing and the video conferencing line burst into life. Projected on to the big screen was an image of Sabrina’s drawing room at home. Her husband moved into focus, sitting on a chair and looking a bit surprised.

Sabrina’s husband was effectively another of Her stable of subs. Despite Her own wealth and earning power Sabrina had married him for his money – Her rule being you can never have too much of a good thing. He might have had a small cock, like Weenie, but at least he had a big wallet. He, for his part knew this. He also knew that his job was to keep Sabrina happy. To this end he showered gifts on Her, kept their house clean. And allowed Her Her indulgences.

‘Darling’ Sabrina said, in a slightly mocking tone, ‘Can you hear me?’

‘Yes’ replied Her husband.

‘More important, darling, can you see Me?’

‘Yes, I have a perfect picture here.’

‘Good’, turning to Weenie P She said quietly, ‘Bring in Mike.’

‘Darling’ Sabrina was now talking to Her husband, ‘You have often wondered what I got up to at work. Well today I am going to show you.’

The door opened and Weenie P came in. Behind him was a young man. Black, tall, toned and well-muscled.

‘Darling, this is Mike. He is my assistant. Do you want to see what he does for me?’

‘Er, yes of course Sabrina.’ Sabrina’s husband was now confused.

‘Weenie, undress Mike. Here, so hubby dearest can see.’

Mike stood, legs slightly apart as Weenie did as instructed. First came the t-shirt, then the shoes and socks and the trousers.

‘OK, stop now. Mike move here, front and centre.

Mike stood in his pants arms crossed, legs apart so that Sabrina’s husband could see him. Sabrina moved behind Mike. She looked into the camera, directly at Her husband who was already stunned into silence as she ran Her arms all over Mike’s muscled, toned body. Mike’s cock was slowly stirring.

Sabrina ran Her nails over Mike’s stomach and then the backs of his thighs. She was taking in his scent stirring Her own powerful sexuality.
‘My, my, now isn’t Mike a specimen.’ She said. When Her husband didn’t reply She said ‘I was asking you a question hubby dearest.’
Sabrina’s husband was embarrassed now, but the natural command his wife had over him forced him to say, ‘Yes, he is magnificent.’

‘Indeed he is, darling, but wait.’ Sabrina hooked Her thumbs into the waistband of Mike’s underpants and slowly pulled them down. Mike stepped out of his pants. As he did so, his, big, thick, heavy cock swayed, almost menacingly. Sabrina still standing behind him reached around and put Her hand under the impressive cock and lifted it up. ‘What do you think of that?’ Sabrina said with real delight. Pleasure rang from every word.

‘My God’ was all that Her husband could say.

‘Yes, the funny thing is that when Mike gets hard his cock is so massive that it is at least three times the size of yours, darling husband and

Weenie here’s put together. In length and girth.’

‘Here, let me show you. Weenie come here and make Mike’s cock big.’

Weenie eagerly ran forward, his bell tinkling comically making Sabrina laugh. He went to his knees in front of Mike’s cock.

Sabrina said to her husband. ‘Weenie didn’t want to suck cock a while ago. But under my tutelage he has grown to love it. He is s proper little cock-sucking whore now. I might rent him out in motorway laybys at some point. I know, you could drive him so that I can earn that money while staying at home, lying in a hot bath. Or work late at the office here with Mike.’

‘OK, Weenie, get to work.’

Weenie P started sucking Mike’s cock, just licking the head to start with but very soon sucking away like the proper little tart he was. Sabrina stood close watching Her trained men. She occasionally tweaked Mike’s nipples causing him to moan in pain. Big dick or not Sabrina kept all Her men trained with a bit of pain.

Weenie was now struggling to fellate Mike as his cock had grown to its full eleven inches and was so thick that Sabrina taking the shaft in Her hand while Weenie sucked on the head could not make her index finger and thumb meet. She pointed this out to Her husband.
Holding Mike’s shaft Sabrina with Her other hand pushed the back of Weenie’s head into Mike’s groing till Weenie was gasping and his eyes bulging and watering. She laughed as She released Her grip.

Sabrina stepped back and reclined again in the leather armchair. She had picked up a small vibrator and played it slowly against Her clit. Her pussy was already moist and opening up. She was enjoying the visual aspects of the show of course, one of Her slaves sucking the cock of another of Her slaves at Her command. But the power She now had over these three men was what was making Her really wet.

They were marionettes, dancing to whatever tune she played. And She loved it.

All this ran through Her mind as Her head arched back as the vibrator gently buzzed against Her clit.

‘Enough Weenie.’ She commanded. ‘Mike is primed and look at that dick. What do You think hubby. I know, get Yours out. Show Mike, your, ahem, well it’s not a cock is it. Show Mike your nubbin.’

As if under a spell Sabrina’s husband did exactly as he was told but sat down again very quickly.

‘No, stand up darling. Loud and Proud.’ Sabrina’s husband did as he was told and Sabrina laughed. ‘See Mike and, believe it or not, he is semied-up.’ Turning to Her husband, ‘But you please me in other ways don’t you, darling.’ Her husband nodded.

Sabrina moved Mike to one side and approached the table. She turned Her back on the table and stood facing the camera, face on to her husband, now powerless at home wondering what Sabrina was going to put him through now. He soon got his response.

Sabrina undid the coat and let it fall open. Now the men stared on in wonderment. Three cocks stirred even more. Sabrina was naked under the coat apart from Her stockings. Her own honey coloured skin was soft and warm, Her breasts sat firmly, Her nipples hard from Her own arousal.

With every eye following Her every single move Sabrina eased Herself back on the mahogany conference table, still in her fur coat. She slid back and beckoned Mike over. Sabrina’s husband uttered a plaintive cry of no, but there was no real strength in it. Aside from his own powerlessness being forty miles away he was, he had to admit, thrilled at the prospect of Sabrina cuckolding him with this big, black bull of a man.

Mike moved in between Sabrina’s legs, his bell end gently nudging Sabrina’s moist pussy lips. She beckoned Weenie over. Weenie obligingly brought the two pillow which he put under Sabrina’s head.

Sabrina took Mike’s thick cock and pushed it against Her pussy.

Loudly, so Her husband would hear every word, she said, ‘Mike, slowly put your big, thick dick in me. Let me feel every inch.’

Mike slowly eased into Her. Sabrina moaned with a yielding mixture of pain and pleasure as She felt Mike stretch Her cunt.

Taking short sharp breathes to manage the pain, Sabrina gave a running commentary to Her husband.

‘Oh fuck. Oh yes. Darling, see how Mike fills Me up. Fucking hell My cunt is so stretched. The pain is fucking delicious. God, it feels amazing.

All the way in Mike. Shit, that is fucking deep.’

Mike had now embedded the entire length of his black cock in Sabrina and now stood motionless waiting for his next command. Sabrina looked past Mike, right into Her husband’s eyes as She said, ‘Now Mike, fuck me, fuck me very hard.’

Mike started slowly but soon responding to the spanking Sabrina was giving his arse was pounding away, long and deep, hard and fast.

Pounding away while Sabrina, now accustomed to his cock began to enjoy pulses of pleasure coursing through Her body. Her right hand playing with Her clit as She brought herself off with two powerful orgasms, the tightening of Her cunt as She came arousing Mike to harder fucking.

Mike leaned over Sabrina, fucking in an animalistic way, grunting and sweating as Sabrina’s spankings urged him on. Sabrina was moaning in pleasure. She felt Mike’s cock harden even more. Loudly, so Her husband could hear. ‘Yes, Mike, You have my permission. Fill me up with You thick, creamy spunk. Yes, go on, now. You may come.

Mike pumped his cock into Sabrina and shuddered as he climaxed. Sabrina felt his warm load deep in Her. Mike stepped back the last remnants of spunk dripping off his cock.

Sabrina lay back and laughed, smiling to Herself She clicked Her fingers. ‘Weenie, clean up duties. As Sabrina sat up She saw Weenie kneel down and slurp the cum from the end of Mike’s cock.

Sabrina stood up on the table. ‘Greedy little whore, Weenie. Come here.’

Weenie lay on his back on the table as Sabrina stood astride his face. She slowly squatted down. Weenie’s cock twitched as he smelt Sabrina’s freshly fucked cunt.

‘Now you’ve eaten all your main, you can have the pudding. Enjoy your cream pie.’ Turning to Her husband Sabrina said, ‘Darling don’t worry. I will save some for you. Now say ‘thank you my darling wife. You are too good to me.’

Sabrina’s husband obediently repeated the words.