Cuckolding hubby

The cuffs were starting to make my arms ache. The corset was uncomfortably tight. By the time she had finished with my face I was whimpering.

She stood, looking down at me. lifted my chin. Asked if I wanted to be untied. I nodded. I tried not to look her in the eye. I was embarrassed that I had been crying.

She stroked my cheek and cooed sympathetically. Making me cry more. She asked me if I was going to be a good girl for her. I nodded. I said yes. I stopped crying. She unlocked my cuffs, helped me up. Helped me undress. All the time sympathising, telling me how I’d get used to it. How if I didn’t like I, I could learn to like it.

I didn’t so much as query a single word. I stood naked. I was handed a pink silky nightie. She smiled. Told me I was pretty. And asked if I wanted to cum. Of course I did. I was horny as hell. And still sore.

She told me it wouldn’t happen very often. I wasn’t to get used to it, but as I’d had such a difficult day. She turned me around bent me over the bed, made sure I put my hands on the bed. Moved right behind me. The silky feel of the nighty was delicious against my beaten arse and throbbing cock. She stroked me through it. Pushed herself harder against my arse, at the same time pulling my cheeks apart. Then taking my hips and pulling me back onto her. It was like she was mock fucking me. My arse was still sore from the beating.

She reached around took a firm grip on my cock. Held her hand perfectly still. Go on she urged me. So I fucked at her hand. With her at my arse behind. I bucked into her hand, forced to rub my arse sluttily against her as I did so. She could hear my excitement build, as I was getting close her other hand slapped at my arse. Cum for me bitch is what she said. And I did. Crying out as I emptied my balls into her hand.

My breathing slowed and my cries quietened. I was still bent with her behind me. I didn’t dare move.

She bent over. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. The cum filled palm of her hand in front of my face. Her words sharp, lick it up. I was confused, could she really mean that? ‘Now’ she said. I put my tongue out and licked at her hand.

It was disgusting. But she loved making me do it. My face screwed up. I thought I might be sick, and all the time a constant barrage of sexualised insults. Bitch. Slut. Cum guzzler. Lick it up. Swallow that cum, drink it down.

At last I cleared it from her hand and was allowed to stand. She dangled a strange looking device in front of my face. It was a stainless steel chastity device. I hadn’t a clue what it was. I was lain back on the bed, and I felt the delicious feel of her touching me there. But then cold metal, uncomfortable manipulation. She uttered a satisfied “‘there”, and then there was a very final sounding click.


I was confused. I saw her sliding some keys into her bra. She grinned down at me. Told me it was hers. I wasn’t to go playing with it without permission.

She bid be good night and left, saying I had another big day tomorrow.

Next day at work I was dreading going home. Although I ached to see her I was scared about what might happen. But home time came and home I went. I was again put into my maids uniform, and served her dinner. I was told to clear then join her upstairs. In her bedroom. I knocked and was told to enter. She was in bed. Looking beautiful. I stood nervously. She beckoned me over and moved to sit on the side of the bed. As she did so I saw a large protruding cock. Strapped to her. I recoiled but she grabbed me, made me kneel. Told me to suck. I shook my head. Said I didn’t want to. She slapped my face hard. I said no again, but as I spoke she rammed her cock at my mouth, bruising my lip against my teeth.

She threatened me with the cane. I swallowed and opened. In went her cock and she started thrusting at me. I tried to back away, that didn’t help. She shoved in further, into my throat making me gag violently. I choked and spluttered, was bent forward coughing. ‘Again’ she ordered. And I had to. I had to suck at her. She made me lick and tongue it. Kiss it. Worst of all she made me look up at her and say I loved it. And beg for it in my mouth. She giggled. Picked up her phone and recorded me begging for it.

Then I ducked it for a long time. After a good half hour of oral service I was allowed to stand. There was drool all over my dress. I was told I had to wash it before bed. Then she observed I had said no to her. I muttered some excuses but she wasn’t listening. I had to go and get the cane. Obediently I fetched it. dropped my panties and bent over. She spoke clearly. Slowly. I was not to say no to her. This was to teach me how important that was. Then ten rapid, brutally hard strokes of the cane. I was still bruised from the last time. I squealed and cried out in pain, then was sent to bed.

Every night that week my ‘suck training’ continued. Me on my knees servicing her big fat latex cock. Her telling me what a dirty little cocksucker I was. Then it was Friday.

I came home to be told it was going to be an important weekend. I was going to do something for her. She had a fantasy I was going to make come true.

There was a guy in her work she had been fucking. I nearly choked. She had been having an affair this whole time? She wanted me to suck him off. My jaw dropped. She couldn’t be serious. But she was. This was too much. Far too much. No I said, firmly loudly. This had gone too far. But she had her cane. She grabbed my hair shoved my face to the hard table so I was bent over it. And caned me. Yelling that she had told me about that word. I resisted a very short time. Soon I was whimpering please please stop, then shouting YES YES to try and counteract the previous no.

Yes? she asked, yes to cock? Yes I said, yes I would suck. I was allowed to stand. She said I was to have a night off. Tomorrow, ben would be visiting. And I was going to suck him. I stared at the floor. She smiled, telling me it would be just like sucking her strap on, and I was really good at that. Just the same, apart from it ended when he filled my mouth with cum. My heart stopped. Yes she repeated, he was going to cum in my mouth. If I was a good girl and swallowed for him, then I would get to cum. That would be my reward.

One last thing she added. This was her fantasy. He had needed a lot of persuading. As far as he was concerned, for me it was a dream come true, to get a real man’s cock in my mouth. I was to act slutty and horny for him. Like this was really my dream come true. I was numb. She took me upstairs. I was forced to help her dress is sexy underwear, stockings and a short dress. She went out to meet Ben, I was sent to bed. I heard them come back. Giggling as they climbed the stairs. And fucking. Noisily. I lay helpless and humiliated. After they had finished I managed to fall asleep.

She woke me early. She held up a sexy nightie. I put it on. It felt delicious. I bulged in my chastity device. She looked right at my, finger under my chin. Told me it was time. I nodded. I knew I had to. I followed to her room. Ben was there, naked, in bed. He looked at me. His eyes widened and he laughed. He said he couldn’t believe it, he’d thought she was joking, but now he realised, she really kept me as a bitch. I blushed. It was true. Unbelievable, but true. I was a captive bitch now. I was about to be a cock sucking bitch. She said I had to tell him what I waned. So I meekly asked him nicely, if I could please suck his cock.

OK then, he said. he leant back with his hands behind his head. I got on all fours on the bed. Got between his thighs. Started kissing at his cock head. He was soon hard. I took him in my mouth and sucked. Pretty soon both my palms were on the mattress and I was working my mouth up and down over his length. Sucking. She said to give his balls some attention. I tongued them. And sucked some more. They were giggling together. Then he was lightly moaning as I sucked harder. Her hand on my head. Forcing me down. Making me gag. And I sucked some more. I could taste his precum. I knew what would happen. I kept on sucking. She made me gag again. My eyes were watering. I felt him spasm, and he shot a big thick creamy load into my mouth. It was horrible. Disgusting. I swallowed it all. He didn’t make eye contact, but thanked me. She sent me to get them both a coffee. I returned, He was getting dressed. I waited in my room until he left.

She called me to her, patted the bed. I got in. She patted my cheek, told me I had been a good girl. Dirty but good. And took each hand in turn, cuffing it to the head of the bed. She asked if I wanted to be unlocked. I nodded furiously. I really needed to be free. I saw they key. She dangled it teasingly. Then unlocked me. Removed the horrible thing. My cock sprang to hardness. I groaned with relief. She took me in her hand. Told me to go on. I bucked my hips up, started fucking her hand. I was just getting started when she let go. Asked me if I liked cock. I cried out in panicked frustration. Yes I said. I like cock. She held me again, let go. I said I loved cock. Again. I said I was her bitch, her cock sucking bitch. I said I loved to suck cock and swallow. I loved nothing better. And eventually she let me cum. I lapped it all up from her hand. Panting, sweating, my balls at last relieved. I felt so weak.

She held the chastity device in front of my face. Made me kiss it. I was broken now. I would do anything to just be let go. I wasn’t prepared for this though. She took it back to my cock. I cried, I begged, I pleaded. I kicked and struggled, but she sat on my thighs. And locked me away again.

I was told she might, occasionally, let me out. But I was her bitch. If I wanted to be let out, to be allowed to cum, I would have to prove I was a good little cock sucking bitch. I nodded. I knew I was her bitch, and there was nothing I could do about it.