‘Come here bitch.’ The story of J

‘Come here bitch.’

J was already up and awake, and had Sabrina’s breakfast tray ready. In response to Her voice from the bedroom he went upstairs as quickly as the three inch heels the Lady made him wear allowed.

J knocked on the door to Sabrina’s boudoir and stepped in. Despite much practice in heels his calves already ached a little, but the pain gave Johnny a certain pleasure.

Head bowed, J tottered to the bed and pinged open the legs for the breakfast tray and lay it over Sabrina’s lap. The Lady was already sitting up in bed. ‘Good bitch, well done.’ Despite her words the Lady spoke with a kindness in Her voice. What made J truly submissive to Her above all others was this tempering of cruelty with warmth. The Lady could be capriciously cruel and clearly delighted in such behaviour, but She was also tender to Her subs and slaves.

‘Right, bitch, today we go out then I have a special treat for lunch. So, hop to it and run my bath.’

‘It is already run, Sabrina.’

Sabrina looked at Her slave for the first time and smiled. ‘Come here, bitch, no stand in front of me.’

J stood in front of Sabrina, although he was wearing heels and stockings he had nothing else on and so his arousal just at the ultra-feminine tone in his Domina’s voice was obvious. Then he felt a searing pain, running from his cock right through his chest. Sabrina had slapped his cock. ‘You wait for my command. Do not imagine that you could anticipate My thoughts. Oh, and bitch, if that bath is not just the right temperature your walnut whip is going to be taking another heavy slap in about five minutes.’

Sabrina rose from Her bed and walked to the en suite bathroom. As She did so, she allowed the negligee She had been wearing to slip from her shoulders in a thrillingly sexual glissando. It seemed to caress the truly maginificent curves of Her body as if savouring them for itself.

Johnny dutifully followed his Domina into the en suite bathroom, pausing briefly on the way. By the time he got to the bathroom Sabrina was already fully immersed in the bath. ‘Bitch, if you are going to sniff my clothes after I have worn them do try to be a little patient.’ Johnny was startled that She had realised he had paused to hold the negligee to his face and immerse himself in Her even only vicariously.

‘I’m sorry Sabrina.’

The Lady ignored him and was soaping Herself, revelling in the heat from the water on Her body, She reclined feeling the water in the most relaxed and perfect embrace imaginable.

After about fifteen minutes of bathing, during which She had instructed J with the merest raise of an eyebrow to add more hot water, Sabrina stood up. Her naked body glistened with the water running off Her. Her body was soft yet so powerful, all Her curves conveyed physical and sexual power, yet Her honey coloured skin was so soft to the touch that it barely felt real.

Standing naked and totally proud of Her nakedness, She stood in front of J. ‘Oh, dear bitch, little whippy is drippy.’ J had been hard the entire time and was dribbling pre-cum. Sabrina ran a finer along J’s shaft and scooped up the sliver trail of pre-cum dripping from the end of his erect penis. She then pushed the finger into his mouth, although J willingly, indeed eagerly, opened up his mouth to Her penetration. ‘That’s right,’ She said in a cooing tone. ‘Slurp it all up bitch. You need to get used to that taste today.’ Sabrina smiled.

She then stood back and looked J up and down. Her look was appraising and She enjoyed the feeling of awkwardness J felt. She had seen him naked every day and She had certainly seen his hard cock as he couldn’t control it in Her presence.

‘You see bitch, here’s a lesson for you to always bear in mind. Look at us, both naked, yet as your naked diminishes you,’ she looked down at J’s penis and laughed, ‘My nakedness empowers me.’

J spontaneously, and as though proving Sabrina’s point, fell to the floor and kissed Her feet greedily. She gently pushed him away with a foot. ‘Don’t worry Bitch, there will be plenty for you to gobble on later. Mistress doesn’t want you to go hungry.’

Returning to Her boudoir Sabrina walked around the room setting out Her clothes for the day. J knelt on the floor in the corner. At first, early in their power exchange, Sabrina had made him kneel facing the wall as She dressed, indeed She still sometimes did. But today She allowed him to face into the room. He thrilled and his cock remained hard while he watched Her slide on a pair of seamed Wolford stockings and thrilled to the rustle, almost crakle as She slid a calf length black pencil skirt up Her legs and over Her round hips. A white silk blouse and a jacket pinched at the waist completed the ensemble. J had not failed to notice that Sabrina wore no underwear today. As though reading his mind, she said, ‘I am feeling a bit sluttish today.’ She laughed, enjoying her little self-deprecation.

‘Now Bitch you had better get dressed and don’t forget to pop that credit card in your pocket. We’ll need that.’

After quickly dressing, J went to the living room where he found the Lady sitting in Her favourite blood red leather Chesterfield. She beckoned him over with a finger. When J was in front of Her, she said, ‘Drop ‘em tiger.’ J undid his trousers and dropped his pants. Sabrina got out a chastity device and started to fit it. ‘Well Bitch, it’s a good job they do these in small otherwise your walnut whip would simply drop out wouldn’t it.’ She sat back, admiring Her handiwork. ‘Don’t want you getting hard and spurting out a dribble of cum do we. It’s your credit card, not your monkey we’re spanking today.’

The shopping trip was spent mostly in the Louboutin shop and Sabrina took a sensuous pleasure in being fitted for each pair of shoes.

When they returned home Sabrina sat in Her leather chair while j quickly stripped back into just heels, having kept the stockings on during the shopping trip and made the Lady a cup of Assam tea. On entering the living room he put the cup and saucer on the table next to the chair, slid off Sabrina’s heels and gently started to rub Her feet. Sabrina reclined into the pleasure. ‘Bitch you might have the smallest dick west of London but you do know how to give a foot massage.’

Sabrina felt Her skin prickle and a warmth fill Her belly as J slowly but steadily massaged Her feet, alternating soft, stroking movements with firm pressure, feeling the tension ease out of his Domina’s feet.

‘Bitch,’ Sabrina sounded almost sleepy, ‘I will need your tongue in a minute, yes?’

‘Oh yes Sabrina.’ J could barely contain his excitement.

‘Good.’ Sabrina smiled at a private joke. Then the doorbell rang.

‘Ooh, perfect timing. I am nice and ready. Get that bitch.’

‘But, I’m nake…’

‘Bitch, I won’t ask again.’

J went to the front door. He opened it to a tall black man, wearing a tight, white t-shirt showing his ripped torso and tight jeans showing off his taut muscular arse who strode past him into the living room. J flushed with embarrassment, heard greetings being exchanged and then Sabrina’s voice, ‘Bitch, get in here.’

J went into the living room, head bowed. ‘On your knees bitch, I want that tongue ready.’ J, thrilled at the prospect did as he was told. He was surprised then as Sabrina whispered into the man’s ear. The man acting on command just as much as J unzipped his trousers to reveal a very large, semi-erect cock.

Sabrina smiled at J. ‘Oh, did bitch think he was going to be licking something else.’ J shuddered at the implications before Sabrina added, ‘and he might yet. But first…’

Sabrina clasped Her right hand around the man’s shaft and slowly started masturbating him. As she did so she described, ‘See bitch, I can’t even get my hand around it. It’s sooo big, and look at it, now it’s hard and it’s what, nine inches? Yummy!!!’

J stared at the cock, it was dark and the vivid contrast between the dark cock and Sabrina’s white hand was arousing.

‘Talking of tasty, J crawl over here.’ J did as he was told. ‘Tongue out. Good bitch.’ Sabrina took the hard black cock and slapped it first on J’s tongue, then on his cheeks. It felt hard and heavy but J’s cheeks were flushed with the embarrassment. The Lady’s cheecks were however flushed with pleasure.

‘Now suck my bull’s dick.’ This was said with such force that J didn’t even think before doing as ordered. ‘That’s it, take that big black cock in your slutty mouth.’

Sabrina moved round to where she could get a better view of Her slave sucking another man’s cock, just because She had ordered it. She felt endorphins course through Her body, knowing and enjoying the control She had over both men. It was making Her wet, adding to the store of arousal built up by the shopping and the foot massage and now Her on personal live sex show. She pushed J’s head on to the man’s cock and laughed as he gagged.

Sabrina went to the table and put into J’s hand a small, pocket vibrator. She turned away and unzipped Her skirt, pulling it down over Her hips. ‘You, sit down here.’ She commanded to the black man who went to the sofa as instructed. He sat on the sofa, cock rock hard.

‘Bitch, you can certainly suck cock, look at that!’ J, despite himself looked.
Sabrina beckoned J forward. ‘Bitch get between his legs. No, you greedy little bitch, not more sucking. I have another job for you.’

‘You,’ She said to the man now, ‘legs a little closer together.’ She moved Herself astride his legs facing away from the man. ‘Bitch, here.’ J moved closer.

Sabrina slowly lowered Herself on to the man’s enormously engorged member. As She did so She leaned on J’s shoulders and Her face was only inches from his. His humiliation was complete as he watched Her face change. At first a little pain as She was stretched by the bulbous head of the man’s cock, then a little more as its length gradually entered Her further. Finally J saw the pleasure/pain relief as his Domina started to accommodate the immense organ filling Her up.

She steadied Herself and then gripped Her hands behind J’s head, Her face now only two or three inches from his. He could see the lust in Her eyes and felt the powerful waves of female sexuality released. He saw this Woman greedy for Her sexual pleasure and taking what She wanted.

She slowly moved up and down the man’s cock. At one point he tried to thrust into Her. She slapped his balls hard. ‘No, I control this. If you want to move then you can move yourself out of this house and fuck off.’

‘Bitch, turn that vibrator on and keep it on my clitoris.’ J did as he was instructed. He could feel Sabrina’s arms around his neck tighten and relax and was able to keep the vibrator in time with Her movements up and down the man’s cock.

Fully in control now, both men under Her command, Sabrina moved Herself up and down the man’s enormous shaft, feeling it get even harder as Her powerful pussy muscles tightened around it.

Her head was buried in J’s left shoulder now, Her breath coming hard both at Her own exertions and the approach of Her orgasm.

Letting Herself go, turning over to Her body’s pleasures and responding to its commands, Sabrina felt the first ripples of Her orgasm, the one She had taken from the two men under Her command, rise deep in Her belly. She felt the muscles inside Her thighs start to contract, as if they were feeding energy into Her pussy, then She felt Her cunt explode with joy, shockwaves of pleasure coursing through Her. J knew enough to remove the vibrator. Sabrina rested, paused, the man’s cock still deep inside Her. He waited. Slowly, with a growing smile on Her face, Sabrina lifted Herself off the engorged cock.

‘Now you, spunk in my slave’s face and then you can go.’